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KwaRescue was launched as a response to the epidemic of rape and sexual violence which is ravaging South Africa. Through this project, we reach out to survivors of rape and sexual abuse in practical and relevant ways – showing them comfort, hope and love when they need it most.

Presently, we reach out in the following ways:

  1. Comfort Bags – we provide more than 50 comfort bags to rape survivors each month. These bags contain soap, clean underwear, a towel, a snack and drink and many other toiletries, and are a means of providing immediate comfort and dignity in the midst of a devastating situation.
  2. Counselling – currently in South Africa, counsellors are unable to meet the demand for rape trauma support. KwaRescue has partnered with the Open Door Crisis Centre and has begun training counsellors to ensure more victims are reached and helped.
  3. Food Parcels for Children – we also provide food parcels for children who are to testify against their perpetrators at the Pinetown Courts. Many of these children leave home early in the morning and travel many hours to get to court, arriving tired, disoriented and hungry.
  4. School Education – we are working to provide a preventative approach to abuse through specially developed classes taught in schools. We believe that by starting at school level and educating children about healthy sexuality, we can start to change people’s mindsets and choices and thereby break the cycle of abuse and rape in our communities.
  5. Children’s Court Makeovers – KwaRescue is currently working to do makeovers in the children’s sections at the Durban and Pinetown Courts.
  6. Trauma Centres – part of our vision is also to help improve existing trauma centre facilities. We recently partnered with the KwaDabeka SAPS by doing a makeover at their trauma centre – providing a comforting and dignified place for victims of sexual violence to take refuge in.
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